Enterprise Java

Verustica design system on the Java Platform that will take your business to the next level. Well-designed and architected systems built on Enterprise Java will help your business systems process millions of transactions  to run your supply chain, as well as your financial, sales, e-commerce, and human resource applications. The flexibility of running Java applications on multiple operating systems allows you to run your systems on a Linux/UNIX/Windows clustered IT infrastructure.



Server Side Java Development

Verustica provides enterprise software solutions and applications developed using platform-independent object-oriented Java, RESTfull Web Services, JMS messaging, Java Concurrency Utilities, Enterprise JavaBeans , Java Servlet, and Java Persistence to run your enterprise better and position it for growth. Building these scalable systems requires deep expertise in writing flexible server-side code, distributed systems and applications knowledge,  multi-threaded application design, and operating system knowledge. 


Spring Framework

Our java enterprise applications use the open source Spring Framework. Building server-side Java applications using Spring has been made simple, and the framework has become widely adopted in the industry. Verustica helps clients build applications using the Dependency Injection and the Aspect Oriented Programming model of Spring with POJO Java objects. This new programming model has simplified a lot the development compared to the EJB model prescribed by Oracle. The Spring Framework has rapidly evolved to support mobile, big data, security, web socket-enabled HTML5, and integration modules for full-scale enterprise solutions.


Application Servers

The enterprise solutions built using Java are deployed on popular application servers such as JBoss AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, TomCat, and Jetty. They provide declarative transaction management, security services, clustering, fail-over, load-balancing, database connection management, and containers for running Web and business logic. Verustica engineers have done application deployment on these application servers and have helped teams build systems that scale for performance.

Verustica design system on the Java Platform that will take your business to the next level