We are a software consulting firm serving customers by designing and implementing enterprise software systems to solve business problems. Our focus is on building exceptional software to address the critical needs of our customers and add real business value to grow their organization profitably. We are based in Cary, NC and  was founded in 2013 by Ilango Veera​.

Ilango started his career  as a Software Engineer  and then progressing to work in leadership roles  at  companies like Cambar Software, The Vanguard Group, Manhattan Associates, JDA  and Dematic. Always playing an hands on-role in designing and developing software products and solutions  for the financial and logistics industries. During his career he has worked for clients as diverse as Wal-Mart, Lowes, JCrew , Makita, Starbucks and many other Fortune 500 companies . He has in-depth technical and operational knowledge to implement industry leading WMS and TMS products from JDA and Manhattan Associates. In 2013 he realized that he can make a big impact in the software logistic space and decided to start his own consulting firm . So far he has provided consulting services to clients like Makita , Lowes, Levis, JCrew, Starbucks, Navistar and Penske Logistics.


Values We Practice


We execute our projects with a clear understanding that the success of our software projects will help our customers grow and run ​their  businesses more efficiently. To do that, we communicate in an open and honest manner with our customers the challenges of implementing the new software systems to run their business. All our decisions are made with our customers’ long-term interests in mind. 

Innovation Driven

Innovation drives the success of the businesses in the 21st century. The software systems we develop are built using  new ideas, unconventional approaches to problem-solving, and flexible software architecture. We spend countless hours researching the newest tools, frameworks, and software in the tech industry to find the right ones to tackle the problem at hand.

Highest Ethical Standards

We believe in being truthful with all our customers and colleagues at all times. Our  business  philosophy rests on maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our business  interactions. By holding ourselves to these standards and building a work environment founded on the utmost level of trust, we find it easy to listen to and address the concerns of our customers. 

Great Customer Service

Software consulting is a service-oriented business. Even though we create software systems that run warehouses’ daily operations and process financial data, we are people-driven. In our experience we have seen many projects run into trouble because of IT consulting firms’ lack of attention paid to client requirements. We wanted to break from that mold and set out to create a service-oriented culture so that we can respond with urgency to our clients’ every concern. 

Our Location

Located In Cary

1000 CentreGreen Parkway, Suite 200,
 Cary, NC 27513

Phone: 1.919.630.7652
Web: www.verustica.com