Worldwide the size of the software industry by revenue  according to the analyst firm Gartner is US$407.3 billion in 2013 . New innovation in Mobile devices, Big Data  and Cloud computing are changing the dynamics of business competition , causing late adopters to  loose market share to their tech savvy  competitors. Implementing software systems is no longer the concern of IT departments,  executives who run business divisions  are taking active ownership in implementing them.

They want quick results, and million dollar multi-year deployments of ERP systems of the past has given way to subscription model SaaS software with shorter deployment cycles using Agile Software methodology , Robust Development Tools and Global Implementation teams. We at Verustica have done projects for these technology leaders and  bring that expertise to  implement enterprise systems that works .

We have helped the second largest home-improvement retailer in the world build a global team to support their JDA-Redprairie based  WMS system , a Japanese  Manufacturer implement new installs of the JDA-WMS software at their U.S distribution centers and a leading Fashion retailer improve the efficiency of their online fulfillment center. We focus on results and get the job done. We believe our journey has just begun . The best is yet to  come!