JDA-Redprairie WMS

                                                                                                                                                          We implement RedPrairie WMS for all kinds of simple and complex warehouse operations. We have several years of experience implementing this software for small and mid-size businesses and even Fortune 500 companies. Clients include Lowes,  Makita,  J.Crew,  Penske Logistics,  Navistar,  Starbucks .

  • Expertise in configuring RPWMS to fit simple or complex warehouse operations
  • Clear documentation about the new solution, future workflow, and configuration changes
  • Create custom SOPs, test scripts, and training material  for the new system
  • Clear timeline of project milestone and  professional management of project at the detail level
  • ​We bring an independent perspective to problem-solving and a clear analysis of the customer’s operational process. ​​

In-depth Knowledge

We have implemented RedPrairie for Fortune 500 clients and mid-size organizations. Our knowledge of RedPrairie WMS is deep and insightful, allowing our clients to build flexible solutions.

Iterative Development

Our development process is based on an agile methodology that delivers workable software in short iterations lasting weeks.

Clear Communication

The activities of all projects and the progress made are updated on a daily basis to a centralized web-based tool, allowing all of the project’s stake-holders to be informed of the status at all times.

Smart Customization

The customization we build for base products are done so that upgrade paths performed in the future will be less of a headache.

We help clients configure the JDA-RedPrairie WMS to fit their operations. By analyzing their current process and working closely with their operations team, we redefine the future processes and build policies and base configurations as needed to run the warehouse. By making informed decisions about the inbound processes of receiving, putaway, and quality check to the outbound processes of picking, packing, and shipping, we will guide your team down the right path

  • Analyze the current flow and come up with the most optimized future flow
  • Clear documentation of future flow and SOP definition
  • Training of client resources to modify configurations when flow changes in the future
MOCA is the server-side component for developing custom business logic. It is the building block for designing a system that fits your warehouse operations, orchestrating components such as inventory, order, shipment, and picking. The framework for writing MOCA scripts borrows ideas from the relational world of SQL and UNIX commands.
DDA lets developers write new-user interface to view data in new ways and execute custom actions. The tool provides a wizard-like interface that lets developers define the UI and the backend MOCA commands to perform business logic.It simplifies development, using straightforward UI screens within the JDA WMS.

  • Design and develop new user interface meeting customer expectations.
  • Agile development process to work closely with users and deliver solutions in weeks.
Customers often want to generate their own reports to track information about the inventory on hand, labor productivity, and order activity. There are always specific requirements for customers to generate reports and labels to meet their operational needs, and the report writing tools from JDA allow developers to define the way the report is generated and the MOCA commands to pull all those data together.
From unit testing done during the development phase to creating scripts to conduct integrated system testing, we help clients conduct end-to-end JDA-RedPrairie WMS testing. Whether the system has extensive customizations or not, all configured WMS projects need end-to-end testing of each process. To perform a comprehensive test that covers all aspects, a clear analysis of different scenarios, test data, and well-documented test scripts are needed to perform a thorough job and provide confidence that the new systems will work as planned. The projects that fail are the ones that cut corners in the testing phase only to cost thousands of man hours to recover. Insufficient testing will always come back to bite in the end.
Develop new business logic to create pick lists, create shipments, perform inventory allocation, or execute any other process within the walls of a warehouse. Custom server-side components can be written using MSQL scripts, Java, C, Groovy, and SQL. We will build any complex custom solution to meet your requirements and engineer a solution to help run your supply chain better. Some complex supply chain operations need additional modules built to integrate with other enterprise systems, MHE equipment, and orchestrations of all systems together through webservices for the newer SO-oriented architectures and the cloud IT environment.